Built-In Oven, 4.3 cu.ft, Convection, Single, Air Fry, Whirlpool, Black

Starting at: CAD 1,499.00

Model: WOES5027LB

Whirlpool's built-in oven has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, which is used for convection cooking. It also features an air-frying mode, as well as an adjustable self-cleaning cycle. The appliance can be started remotely and is equipped with Frozen Bake technology, which makes it possible to cook frozen foods faster. It also features a Sabbath mode for religious observance. The appliance is controlled by a touch screen.

Dimensions: 26.75'' W x  26'' H x 26.5'' D

  • 4.3 cu.ft. capacity

  • Convection

  • Single oven

  • Air frying

  • Adjustable self-cleaning cycle

  • Remote start

  • Frozen Bake technology

  • Sabbath mode

  • Touch screen


Regular price: $1,798                  Starts at: $1,499


New product with slight imperfections (as is).

One-year warranty included.

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